Clerk of Court
The Clerk of Court's office is responsible for all the vital records of St. John the Baptist Parish.

   Our goal is to serve the public effectively, efficiently and professionally. When you visit the clerk of court's office it is ready, willing and able to address your needs. Our main goal is to always meet the needs of the public and to provide the service necessary to do so.
Eliana Olivier DeFrancesch, is an LSU graduate, her experience as a businesswomen, school
teacher and Justice of the Peace has prepared her for the reinvention of the clerk's office. She is
married to, Fred DeFrancesch for 39 years. She has three children and four grandchildren. She took
office in July 2000.
Professionally, she is a certified Clerk of Court, a member of the Clerk of Court's Association,
the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers
(IACREOT), the Property Records Industry Association(PRIA), the Fifth Circuit Judges
Association, the American Business Women Association, the Rotary Club of LaPlace, the
National Educators Association(NEA), theTimbermill Museum Association, the Community
Action Association of St. John, the AARP and she is a member of the Board of Elections
Supervisor's for the parish of St. John the Baptist.
I look forward to the challenges of the future and to continue to fulfill my commitment to the public.

Your comments and feedback will assist us in improving our services provided to St. John the Baptist

We would like your input concerning our office. Your comments will assist us in improving our services
to the public.

You may Email or Call me At:

Eliana O. DeFrancsech
St. John the Baptist Parish
Clerk of Court
(985)497-3331 Ext. 2103