Your Clerks Office
St. John the Baptist Parish Clerk of Court Office
Name Ext. Title
Felicia Feist 2104 Chief Deputy, Lands Records Supervisor
Donna Lynn Fulton 2113 Mortgage
Veronica Barnes 2112 Mortgage
Zelda Ketchens 2114 Mortgage
Civil Department
Mortgage Department
Name Ext. Title
Brandie Williams 2120 Criminal Supervisor, Division "B" Minute Clerk 
Amy Plaisance 2122 Supervisor for Child Support and Juveniles
Tanya Gaspard 2116 Child Support Div A and Juveniles
Evelyn Stemley 2123 Drug Court
Jerilyn Sims 2127 Child Support Division "B" & "C"
Chantell Dinvaut 2124 Misdemeanor/Traffic Supervisor
Latoya White-Toney 2125 Traffic Clerk
Andrea Favorite 2126 Misdemeanor Clerk
Rhonda Guidry 2107 Division "A" Minute Clerk
Ariana Johnson 2102 Division "C" Minute Clerk
Ormoni Favorite 2118 Traffic/Misdemeanor Clerk
Nessa Marie 2110 Motions
Traffic Department
Name Ext. Title
Lisa Lozano 2105 Accounting Supervisor - Chief Deputy Clerk West Bank
Accounting & Finance Department
Name Ext. Title
Paul Harruff 2115 IT Manager, Webmaster
Suzanne Minvielle 1222 Web Site Editor - Deputy Clerk LaPlace Office
Information Technology Department
Name Ext. Title
Lisa Tregre 2106 Division "A" Minute Clerk
Monica Joseph 2108 Supervisor, Division "B" Minute Clerk
Lori Burke-Colas 2109 Appeals Clerk
Kiwaun Taylor 2111 Filing Clerk
Megan Cancienne 2119 Division "B" Minute Clerk
Sandra Jackson 2121 Entry Clerk
Karen Duhe 2171 Division "C" Minute Clerk
Name Ext. Title
Jessica Entremont 2173 UCCs - Marriage Licenses
Robin Meeks 2101 Filing Clerk - Receptionist
Receptionist and UCCs
Misdemeanor Department
Juvenile and Child Support
Felony Department
Elections Department