New Suits

Please note that a money judgment will not be recorded without a written request to do so by the attorney or plaintiff.

Act 243 R.S. 13:841 + R.S. 13:842

(A) The clerks of the district courts may be entitled to demand and receive fees of office, which fees may be less than, but not exceed the following:
Initialization Fee (per suit) $20.00
All new lawsuits As of March 1, 2015 $300.00
Executory Process Fees $450.00
Each additional Service and Defendant $75.00
For service through the Secretary of State (per service) $50.00
In addition, separate checks are to be made payable to:
Secretary of State

Effective August 1,2013 as per
Act 316

Sheriff of East Baton Rouge "costs will vary according to the Zip Code." Call our Office for the exact price. $29.36
Subpoena & Subpoena Duces Tecum or Deposition Subpoena Each Service $75.00
Fax Filing Fees
Transmission Page "Fax Filings for the time you fax" $5.00
Every page $2.00
All costs must be paid when original is filed.

Fax filings received after office hours, 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, will be filed and processed the following business day.
Fax Number:(985) 497-3972

Fees for the following include one certified copy:
Successions $300.00
Small Successions $175.00
Clerk's Suits $200.00
Mandamus with Service $300.00
Tutorship through Letters, Interdiction $300.00
Emancipation $300.00
Adoption $300.00
Minor Settlements $200.00
Name Change through Judgment (no service) $200.00
Certified copies (each) $5.00
Stamped copies (each) $3.00
Copies (per page) & Cost Printout (per page) $2.00
Notices $15.00 & w/service $20.00
Amended Petition, Cross Claims, Reconventional Demands, Interventions, Partitions, Deficiency Petitions Tro & Garnishments with Existing Suit
Number (one service) $300.00
Each additional Service $75.00
Rules with one service $175.00
All rules requiring one service with existing suit numbers (with exception of above items) $175.00
Each additional service $75.00
Re-service, letter request $75.00
FIFA request $75.00
Writ of Possession request $75.00
All filings not mentioned above that have a suit number, no service required
First page $6.00
Each additional page $4.00
Certification of copy stamp $5.00
Curator fees are set by the court (approx.) $250.00
Minute Entry $5.00
All of these advance court costs MUST be paid at the time of filing said pleading.

Call the division minute clerk for additional information on costs.
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